Monet Goyon S3G

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  • 1948 MONET GOYON S3G

    1948 MONET GOYON S3G Poole, Poole, UK
    3 years ago

    A vintage Monet Goyon S3G 100cc Villiers engine project from 1948,that could be restored or made in to a racer.These bikes are really great fun to ride,and easy to work on, especially with the Villiers engine. The bike is mostly complete,other than cables,,has

    Model: MONET GOYON S3G

  • 1949 Monet Goyon S3G

    1949 Monet Goyon S3G Wellington, Wellington, Somerset TA21, UK
    3 years ago

    I am selling off my bikes as I haven't used the road legal one and doubt I would ever ride this even when it is registered. I found this Monet Goyon in France earlier this year and just loved it's originality. It was built in 1949 in Macon France by Monet Goyo

    Color: Beige - Model: Monet Goyon S3G - Mileage: 410

  • 1950 Monet Goyon S3G

    1950 Monet Goyon S3G Lancashire, UK
    3 years ago

    Monet Goyon S3G 100cc motorcycle with 3 speed hand change gearbox. A very interesting lightweight machine. VMCC Date of Manufacture letter dates the machine as 1950. There are no other documents with the machine. Frame, forks and tinware have been cleaned and

    Model: Monet Goyon S3G